R4-Lemon Lime Endurox 4.56 lb Powder
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R4-Lemon Lime Endurox 4.56 lb Powder

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R4-Lemon Lime by Endurox 4.56 lb Powder R4-Lemon Lime 4.56 lb Powder Recover faster - Replenishes muscle glycogen levels 128 more than a carbohydrate drink Recover better - Reduces post-exercise muscle damage up to 36 Come back stronger- Extends endurance up to 55 in a subsequent workout Optimal carbohydrate profile with less sugar Supplement Facts Serving Size 2 rounded scoops (75g) Servings Per Container 14 28 Amount Per Serving Daily Value Calories 270 Calories from Fat 10 Total Fat 1g 2 Saturated Fat 0.5g 2.5 Cholesterol 30mg 17 Trans Fat 0g Total Carbohydrate 52g 17 Dietary Fiber 0g 0 Sugars 40g Protein 13g 25 Vitamin C 470mg 780 Vitamin E 400IU 1330 Calcium 100mg 10 Magnesium 240mg 60 Sodium 190 mg 8 Potassium 100mg 3 L-glutamine 420mg Daily Value Not Established Percent Daily Values are based on a 2 000 calorie diet Other Ingredients Flavor Lemon Lime INGREDIENTS Dextrose whey protein concentrate maltodextrin fructose sucrose citric acid natural flavors magnesium carbonate vita

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Average Customer Review: 4.5 ( 139 customer reviews )
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63 of 63 found the following review helpful:

5The only thing I drink after a hard workout!May 17, 2006
By H. Tapia "The Hwyman"
I started using this product three years ago when I first started training to do marathons. I was running 4 out 7 days a week so I wanted something that would help me bounce back. Endurox definitely worked for me! One of the most noticeable effects was a drastic reduction in soreness the next day. As I understand the science, your sensitivity to insulin is greatest after a hard, glycogen-depleting workout (within 15 minutes of completion). Ingesting a combination of carbs and protein immediately after working out will cause insulin to push the carbs and ammino acids into the muscle to replenish glycogen stores and to power muscle tissue repair. It seems to work for me...I'm always ready to come back the next day for more punishment. I've only tried the Lemon-Lime flavor, so I can only offer my opinion for that particular flavor. The first time I tried it, I used tap temperature water and I thought it was almost too sweet. Using very cold water made it much more palatable. In time I came to really crave the flavor, especially after an 18 mile run. The consistency is definitely full bodied and filling, but not nearly as thick as a protein shake. Please note that this is strictly a recovery drink and should not be taken before or during exercise.

27 of 27 found the following review helpful:

5Best recovery fuel source I have found!Jul 07, 2006
By R. Ochoa
I don't usually advocate product because everybody reacts so differently to gels and bars etc., but Endurox really helped me recover after periods of 2-3+ hour workouts. I was having a problem of not being able to eat within the first 30 minutes following a workout. The result was that I lost my window to refuel and then the rest of the day was miserable. Endurox is easy on the stomach and takes away any nausea the you may otherwise get from food. It has been a strong fuel source and really speeds recovery!

23 of 24 found the following review helpful:

5One of the best post-workout recovery drinks I've used.Feb 28, 2012
By Scott
After a hard workout, a post-workout drink can be critical to recovery. The first thing you want to do is replace lost fluid. Secondly, you want to get some carbohydrates to restore lost glycogen. Finally, you want protein to rebuild muscle tissue that may have been damaged during your workout. The best way to do this, is with a sports drink that contains the optimal 4:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio. The makers of Endurox, Pacific Labs, were actually the ones to discover this over ten years ago, but independent research since that time (as well as my own results), seems to support this. Many sports/recovery drinks have adequate amounts of carbohydrates, but Endurox sets itself apart by adding protein to the mix.

One of the best alternatives is 1% chocolate milk. It's cheap, and provides the perfect balance of carbohydrates and protein. However, it has to be refrigerated, which isn't always practical for me. I'll also have periods where I abstain from dairy, and I don't want the additional saturated fat contained in milk.

Another alternative is the P90X Results and Recovery Formula: 30-Day Supply, Tub by Beachbody. I think this is the best recovery formula out there and has the best ingredients, but it's just too expensive to be practical for me [Disclaimer: I am a Beachbody Independent Coach].

Pacific Labs also makes a product called Pacific Health Accelerade, Lemon Lime, Net Wt. 4.11 lb., 60 serving. I've seen a lot of confusion over the differences between Accelerade and R4. The main difference is that Accelerade is designed to fuel a workout, while Endurox is designed to help with recovery. As such, Accelerade contains electrolytes and more sugar (per quantity). I think Endurox is more effective as a recovery drink, but if needed, I think you can use these two products interchangeably without too much of a difference in results.

Don't take Endurox as a meal replacement. The high amounts of sugar will spike insulin levels and likely contribute to weight gain. Endurox should be consumed within a 20 minute window following vigorous exercise. If you take it as a pre-workout supplement, plan on consuming it about 20-30 minutes before you expect to need it.

One thing I like about Endurox is that it has a pleasing taste, which can be hard to find in a recovery drink. I think the best flavors, in order of preference, are Lemon-Lime, Chocolate, Orange, Fruit Punch, Vanilla (stay away from this flavor). The powder mixes very well with water and dissolves easily.

I have been using Endurox for about four years now and have had a lot of success with it. I cannot tell much of a difference in results with it versus the P90X formula, and both seem to work well in aiding recovery. In addition to using as a recovery drink, I will also sometimes use it as a pre-workout drink if I am out of Accelerade. A serving size is two scoops (270 calories), but for any workout under an hour, I will cut this in half. For runs longer than 8 miles, I take half a scoop combined with 1 scoop of BPI 1.M.R Fruit Punch, 224 grams right before my run, and follow the run with 1-2 scoops depending on length. I have found this incredibly effective on long runs, as well as the more strenuous Beachbody workouts, such as P90X Plyometrix and Insanity Plyometric Cardio Circuit. I also have noticeable results with decreased soreness when using Endurox when compared to water alone. There aren't too many workout supplements that give me as noticeable results as Endurox, and until something better (or cheaper) comes along, I'll continue to use it after every tough workout.

I've uploaded nutritional information under customer images.

46 of 56 found the following review helpful:

3Not Bad But You Can Get a Better Bang For Your BuckAug 04, 2009
By Scott D. Allen
I've been running competitively since 1975 and I've drunk just about everything. Just as advertised, Endurox tastes fine and mixes well. I tried it on two separate occasions after 13 and 14 mile runs respectively. I didn't find that the effects on my muscle recovery were any better than Chocolate Milk, which, if you're not aware, has been proved in numerous studies to be one of the best, if not THE best recovery drink there is..and no, I don't work for the dairy industry. Do a little research and you'll see why. So, I'd save my money and buy either chocolate milk (Research has shown organic 1% fat is the best) or a protein shake. Worldwide makes a shake with 35 grams/70% protein 170 calories that you can buy at Trader Joes and [...] sells a good one as well, all for a much lower price and a better recovery.

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5My favorite recovery drink.Oct 03, 2007
By Summer B. Frace
I've tried a variety of recovery drinks out there and I have to say, this one is the best tasting hands down.

After a hard workout, it's very important to consume carbohydrates and proteins to help repair muscle and replace glycogen depleted during the workout. Endurox takes care of this with the ratio recommended by experts and tastes good. For me, taste is really the most important thing in choosing a recovery drink (because they all do pretty much the same thing).

Just be aware that recovery drinks tend to have a lot of calories (by necessity) so if you aren't going long or hard, you probably don't need a recovery drink. However, for those of us of the slow-twitch cult (marathoners or long distance triathletes) it's a must.

Try it blended with some banana and ice - it makes a really delicious shake. I enjoy mine while soaking in a ice bath!

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